Meet Levi

Levi is a enthusiastic problem solver. His ongoing drive is to tackle complex problems with an eye to improving the region around him.  

While his background is anchored in the food and beverage, hospitality and e-commerce industries, over the past seven years he has become even more passionate about business and brand development, entrepreneurial thinking, solving complex problems and communications. He has continued developing himself through the Wallace McCain Institute’s Entrepreneurial Leaders Program, mentorship activities and collaboration with like minded entrepreneurs.

Rounding out his passion for business development and problem solving  is a lifelong interest in other cultures, travel and continuously learning new things.

His current role as an “entrepreneur for hire” is a development of many past experiences and he is most interested in any project that gives him the ability to make a positive impact on the people, projects and economy around him.

At his core he is a happy husband, a proud Atlantic Canadian, a total food AND business geek.