At the core, we try to be objective, pragmatic entrepreneurial mindsets for hire as needed.  The kind that many business owners wish they could hire from time to time.

All engagement begin with a no-cost* meeting with an open, transparent discussion about the project, the people and the impact involved.  Pricing is developed openly with clients and a WIN WIN WIN situation is always the goal.  We are most interested in any project that gives us the ability to make a positive impact on the people, projects and economy around us.

We have always evolved through the work that we have done and the people we have connected with.  Our services will do the same. If you do not see what you need below please reach out anyways, we’re open to new things at all times.


General Business Services

  • Business Plan Critical Review
  • Mentorship and Advisory Services
  • Hands on Strategic Support
  • Hands on Practical Support
  • Project management Support

Immigrant Entrepreneur Focused Services

  • Re-Ideation of Business Plans after Landing (Critical Review)
  • Implementation Supports
  • Mentorship and Advisory Services
  • Hands on Individualized Services

Food Business Focused Services

  • Business Plan Critical Review
  • Real Connections and Referral support
  • Food Product Development Support
  • Food Service Development Support
  • Customer Service Training and Support
  • Mentorship and Advisory Services

Speaking and Public Services – Specifically Levi Lawrence

Experienced and energetic publish speaking on topics including but not limited to:

  • The Impact of Buying/Supporting Local (not simply food related, as featured at TEDx)
  • There is no Mission without Margin (growing impactful social enterprise and motivating engaged teams within)
  • Understanding the Immigrant Entrepreneurial Journey, for better business connections
  • Leveraging the Community in Business (Crowdfunding, Micro-financing, Crowdsourcing, Collaboration Strategies, etc.)
  • Building your Entrepreneurial Toolbelt (Preparing yourself for the challenges you don’t know are coming through making connections, building relationships and constantly engaging the community)
  • The New Brunswick and Atlantic Canadian Local Food System (Understanding the past and discussing future challenges and opportunities)
  • The Real Food Connections Story.  (The reasons, the start-up, the expansion, the BHAG and finally the Failure, the aftermath and the Learnings.)
  • Panel Discussions, Facilitation and Master of Ceremonies


*We do not charge for our time in the initial meetings with potential clients but may have to charge for any significant expenses if incurred due to the geographic or urgent nature of the request.  Any such costs will be identified and approved prior to scheduling.